1. Get help with Your IT-Infra Management!

    • Are You having resourcing problems to master Your IT-Infrastructure?
    • Do You need help to handle SysOps or SysAdmin task?
    • Do You need help to manage complex middleware environments?
    • Do Your WebSphere, Weblogic or JBoss applications servers need more care?
    • Do Your WebSphere MQ or Oracle Service Bus cry for help?
    • Is Your Cloud demanding more management?
    • Do You think your Java Applications could perform better?
    • Do You know the health level of Your IT-system?
  2. May I help You?

    • As an Experienced Professional to master Your IT-Infrastructure.
    • To strengthen Your SysOps or SysAdmin resourses.
    • To manage Your complex middleware environments.
    • To take care of Your WebSphere, Weblogic or Jboss applications servers.
    • To manage Your WebSphere MQ or Oracle Service Bus.
    • To manage Your Cloud environment.
    • To profile and optimize Your Java Applications.
    • To build up a System monitoring solution.